Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department Membership Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department (PVFD). We are always looking for individuals who have the desire to help others in our community. This information will give you an idea of what Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department is about and what it takes to be a member.

The Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department officially began fire suppression operations in May 1969. Shortly thereafter, the department expanded its response capabilities to include medical emergencies. We now provide paramedic-level medical transport service, fire suppression, fire prevention training, heavy rescue, and participate in community special events. In 2009 we responded to nearly 5500 emergencies. Our response district includes southern Research Triangle Park, most of southern Durham County, and portions of northern Chatham County. We staff three stations 24/7. Our main station with administration offices is located at 1409 Seaton Rd. The other response stations are at 4200 Farrington Rd. and 4716 Old Page Rd.

Our members are diverse and include about 150 volunteers and employees. The members are divided among three operational squads, a Cadet Explorer program, and an Auxiliary support program. Each operational squad is directed by a Battalion Chief and 2 Captains. In addition, a Division Chief-Chaplaincy Support and a Division Chief-EMS oversee their respective programs.

Requirements to Apply for Membership

Membership with PVFD requires a considerable commitment of time and dedication.

  • Full-time employees work 24 hour shifts. All full time staff must be NC-Certified Firefighter I and II and at least a NC-certified EMT-B. The only exception is NC-certified paramedics who may be hired without the need to perform firefighting duties. [Full-time positions Description and Application.]
  • Part-time employees must work a minimum of 48 hours/month, scheduled in 12 or 24 hour increments. At least one 12 hour shift per month must be during a weekend. Firefighter applicants must be both NC-Certified Firefighter I and II and NC EMT credentialed. However, EMS-only applicants at any credential level may be considered without the need to perform firefighting duties.
  • [Currently NOT accepting applications for Part-time positions.]
  • Volunteers must staff the stations a minimum of 36 hours/month, scheduled in 12 or 24 hour increments. Volunteer applicants will be considered for firefighting duties only or EMS duties only. Firefighting applicants do not need any previous experience. EMS applicants, however, must possess a current NC-EMT credential. Volunteers are not required to reside within the district.
  • Cadet Explorers must regularly attend Cadet meetings. The Cadet Program is a training program designed to prepare members for a possible career in emergency services. Cadets must be between 14 and 17 years of age and have permission of their parents and high school principal. In addition, Cadets must maintain at least a 2.0 or C academic average.
  • Auxiliary members provide support as needed. They organize special events for PVFD members and their families, as well as providing food during extended emergency operations. There is no minimum participation, certification, or training requirements. Auxiliary applicants do not have to attend orientation.

Training is a very important part of the fire and EMS services and PVFD considers it a top priority. Members must attend sufficient training to obtain or maintain required certifications. Extensive training is offered in fire, rescue, and emergency medicine on a regular basis. Training is provided to accommodate each squad whenever possible. Members may also be sponsored by the department to attend conferences and special training events at no cost to them.

The application process for joining PVFD is simple.

  1. Complete the Applicant Interest Contact Form online. A member of department will get contact you to set up a time for an informal meeting to answer any questions and to describe our operations and application process in more detail. At that time you may be given an application to fill out and return.
  2. Complete and return all parts of the application by the deadline. Applications which are not complete by the deadline will not be considered.
  3. Attend interview with PVFD Officers (Full-time applicants, part-time applicants and volunteer applicants only). Cadets and Auxiliary applicants interview with designated advisors.
  4. Attend a 2-day Orientation program that is offered three times a year (Auxiliary applicants excluded).

For operational members there are several other requirements for membership that will be explained to you during the application process.

In closing, the Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department provides a rewarding opportunity to serve the community, develop new friends, and to learn. It is a brotherhood of those who strive to better the community and to share ideals and goals that equals no other. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or to learn more about being a member. Thank you for your interest in Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department.


Chief William L Colley, Jr.

If you would like to become a member of Parkwood, please take the time to fill out our:

Applicant Interest Contact Form online.

Come visit us.  Parkwood Station 1 is located at:

1409 Seaton Road
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 361-0927
Fax: (919) 544-7296

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