Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department

The Division of Chaplaincy Support

The Purpose of Chaplaincy Support

A program that mobilizes resources to enhance the spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of PVFD professionals and the surrounding community

Resources Provided

  • Crisis scene management & support
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Confidential professional counseling & support services
  • Consultant to PVFD administration
  • Facilitate seminars on family-work life management topics
  • Community care/support services
The Emergency Services Chaplain will respond to various types of emergency scenes
  • Structure fires
  • Medical/Trauma Cardiac Arrests
  • Suicide/Homicide Events
  • Any significant event determined by PVFD professionals needing chaplaincy support
Notification of PVFD Chaplain

  • The chaplain monitors Durham County Fire & EMS dispatch frequencies and responds to emergent nature dispatches
  • Upon dispatch/arrival of known crisis, PVFD professionals can contact the chaplain via cell phone for response
  • The chaplain is available anytime for in-person consultation or Critical Incident Stress Debriefings via cell phone
PVFD Chaplains Contact Information

Mark Holland
Phone: 919.971.3064
Mark Holland has served in emergency services since 1983, ministered in pastoral care since 1985 and been a critical incident facilitator since 1994. Mark holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Emergency Medicine, a Bachelorís degree in Theological Studies, a Master of Divinity & Master of Arts degrees in Counseling, and will complete his PhD in Pastoral Care & Counseling in the Spring of 2007. He is credentialed as a paramedic, licensed professional counselor, ordained minister, and endorsed as a public safety chaplain.

Wilbert Fletcher
Phone: 919.361.0927

Pride and Ownership Program

This learning series will create an opportunity for teambuilding, improving communication, and renewing a passion for emergency services.

"A December To Remember" Memorial Service - December 11th 2008

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